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Java Media Framwork

This paper arms you, the reader, with an overview of features and capabilities available in Java Media Framework API (Application Programming Interface) also known as JMF. This paper assumes Basic knowledge of Java development on the part of the reader. Java Media Framework provides the developer the capability of advanced control of audio and video media. JMF was first introduced in late 1990’s as a response to limitations imposed by Java APIs in manipulation and control of audio and video media content. JMF contains a set of packages where the main package used is javax.media. The javax.media contains but is not limited to the Manager Class and the Player Interface, which are the two essential components to every Java application utilizing the JMF API. The version of JMF API looked at in this paper is version 2.0 which provides added capabilities including storage and capture of audio and video media content as well as advanced control over the playback process of such media which were not available in the previous versions.

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